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Private Gynaecology Consultations

At Gynae Health Clinic, our foremost priority is to ensure a secure, calming, and confidential setting where you can express yourself and receive the support you deserve. We understand that at various stages of life, every woman may encounter gynaecological concerns. While many of these issues are often nothing to worry about, it is crucial to address these seriously. Neglecting proper treatment for gynaecological issues can potentially result in significant health concerns.

The female body experiences numerous physiological and physical transformations throughout different stages of life. Events like pregnancy and menopause often bring along worrisome symptoms and discomfort. Although these issues are prevalent, they should not be considered normal or ignored in today's society. At Gynae Health Clinic, we understand the profound impact gynaecological concerns can have on your overall well-being. That's why we have assembled a team of highly skilled specialists who are dedicated to providing tailored healthcare services to meet the specific needs of our female clientele.

By scheduling a gynaecological consultation with us, you will have the opportunity to openly discuss any gynaecological matters and receive expert advice and personalized treatment plans from our specialists. We prioritize your privacy and offer confidential consultations, ensuring that you can address your concerns with confidence and in a private setting.
Gynaecology Consultations
Receive expert advice and treatment plans in a confidential and relaxing environment.
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We are committed to providing secure, calming, and confidential consultations where you can receive the support and advice you need.
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How does a gynaecology consultation work?

Your gynaecologist will begin by discussing your symptoms and concerns. They will also discuss your medical history, including any previously diagnosed conditions, medications you have taken, and your family's medical background.

In order to arrive at a diagnosis, a variety of tests may be conducted. These may involve pelvic examinations, Pap smears, and examinations of the breasts and abdomen. Additionally, your blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight will be measured.

If the initial test results are inconclusive, your gynaecologist may recommend further imaging tests. These non-invasive options may include MRI scans, CT scans, or ultrasounds, which can provide additional insights to aid in the diagnostic process.
Private Gynaecology Consultation
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Jason Yap - Consultant Gynaecologist
Consultant Gynaecologist, Gynaecological Oncologist & Lead Clinician for Vulval Disease
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