Vaginal Reconstruction Surgery

Vaginal reconstruction, the process of creating a new or artificial vagina, offers a ray of hope for women who wish to restore their quality of life post-surgery.
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What is a Vaginal Reconstruction?

Vaginal reconstruction is a surgical procedure that aims to create a new vaginal canal after the removal of all or part of the vagina. It is primarily designed to enhance a woman's quality of life by making vaginal intercourse possible post-surgery.

Expertise Matters

Vaginal reconstruction is a specialized procedure performed by skilled plastic surgeons. The choice of the right surgeon is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome. These surgeons utilize various techniques, such as:

Skin Grafts

In some cases, surgeons use skin grafts from the patient's buttock or inner thighs to construct the new vagina.

Muscle Tissue

Surgeons may also utilize muscle tissue from the lower abdomen (known as a TRAM flap) or a piece of the patient's bowel to create the new vaginal canal.

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